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Hilbre is the largest in a chain of three tidal islands that lie at the mouth of the Dee estuary, a rare outpost of wilderness in this heavily built up corner of England. It is home to a surprising range of wildlife and has become an important stopping off point for many migratory birds, as well as being a magical place of escape for local people.

This film is a labour of love that aims to capture the feeling of summer on the islands. It follows the lives of the residents and the seasonal visitors, the beauty of the flora and the awe inspiring tides that cut Hilbre off from the mainland. Music and image combine to transport the viewer to a place of peace, where the modern world seems like a distant memory.

The photography was done over the summer of 2014 by Andrew Schonfelder and Alastair Dicks. With a strong emphasis on timelapse and slow motion, we have attempted a more subjective approach to natural history filmmaking, taking inspiration from the poetry of Mary Oliver and the writing of Henry David Thoreau. The music was composed by Rob Kelly drawing on influences from György Ligeti to Boards of Canada, adding to the overall Proustian effect.

The whole film was shot and finished in 4k.